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    Since I did a review on some of the Rev Auto stuff. I felt it necessary to review this company here as well. Although they are not a sponsor, they deserve some well earned credit. I first saw them on my explore page with a whiskey scented deodorizer and it was love at first sight. I went on to get a few things from them.

    Stone Sour Deodorizer
    Amber Nectar Car Shampoo
    Ultra Violet Quick Detailer
    Banana Musa Wheel Cleaner
    Minted Mineral Glass Cleaner

    Stone Sour
    So this is a deodorizer with scents of oranges, lemons, cherries and bourbon. A SHOWSTOPPER!!! I have used Chemical Guys scent sprays and they don't last. This lasts for days on end. I love my car clean and smelling good. This also gets rid of musky car smells while giving the car a sweet but subtle whiskey sour aroma. MUST HAVE!

    Amber Nectar
    The stickiest, sudsiest, highest lubricity, best smelling car shampoo i have EVER used. Hands down. I may be biased because it also smells like Whiskey, but it is an incredible product. I used it with my foam cannon, i used about 3 cap fulls in the cannon and a splash in the wash bucket and it was amazing. no shortage of suds. Another MUST HAVE... i feel like i'm going to be saying this a lot.

    Ultra Violet
    No words do this QD justice.... You can literally feel the product making your car slicker and shinier. When you apply, the paint gets slick and smooth. It is my favorite QD and my favorite product from Madcow.

    Banana Musa
    Another home run for Madcow here. This wheel cleaner is great and as always, smells great too. This is a cleaner to use with a tire brush and a woolie to get those wheels sparkling. I have not used this on heavily soiled wheels but I am sure it withstands the test.

    Minted Mineral
    THE BEST glass cleaner... no questions... I have used many many different brands and this is the best. It smells like peppermint bubblegum and as with Ultra Violet, you can feel it making the windows slick and shiny to a mirror like finish.

    ALL IN? Yep!
    Go check them out and I am sure the products will speak for themselves.
    Customer service 10/10
    Products... #1

    Hand made products.
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