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Turbocharger nut size? (seriously.. This is a clean thread)

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  • Turbocharger nut size? (seriously.. This is a clean thread)

    After looking online and finding nothing useful.

    Does anyone know a place to find nut/bolt sizes and specifications?

    I'm looking for the nuts on the exhaust manifold where the turbo bolts to as well as the down pipe size.

    Custom installation in a 1964 Lotus 7.

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    Pretty sure the studs in the exhaust manifold are M8 x 1.25 threads, based on what I just measured with calipers and a thread pitch tool.

    I don't have a turbo handy to check that side, I must have taken it home or something, because I can't find the extra exhaust side housing I had kicking around on my desk.
    2000 S10 2wd ext cab getting an LTG A8 swap

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